This week Zeev Shwartz and Chasida Pinchuk
both visited our shlichim in Europe.

Zeev visited the vetren Kollel in Moscow. After 20 (!!) year of activity, and with hundreds of active students, Kollel Torah MiTzion Moscow is the largest Religious Zionist Center in Europe. Rabbi David Yushuvayev continues to lead the kollel, which now numbers 4 additional families: Sara and Alex Katz, Nachum and Racheli Zicherman, Shlomo and Elisheva Freidkin and Ariyeh and Esther Gregorian.
At the same time, Chasida had the honor of participating in the opening ceremony of The Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin Museum, which just reopened under the auspices of the local Jewish community. She participated in a musical Melaveh Malka in Warsaw, led by the Rosh Kollel nad his wife, Rabbi Uriel and Batya Zaretsky.


We were also excited to see first hand the impact our shlichim have in Germany; In Munich Chasida met the shlichim just in time for them to witness the conversion ceremony of three of their students. In the evening she also joined a weekly shiur for women, given by one of our shlichot.
We also visited the Kollel in Berlin, and learnt more about the community and the challenges it faces.
We are proud and gratified to see how our shlichim continually spread light and Torah in their host communities.