We are now in the final stages of preparing our shlichim for their various destinations. This week the bachurim and families are in our annual summer training seminar in Migdal Oz, to be culminated with a Sendoff event to take place next week, attended by family members and friends of Torah MiTzion.

Much like the Nissan training which took place in April, this seminar is also intended to prepare the shlichim for their upcoming shlichut by imparting various tools such as rhetoric, presenting to an audience, creating personal connections and more. A difference between the two training programs is that this time the shlichim have already been divided into Mishlachot according to destination, and this training is further enhanced by a deeper understanding of the goals and teamwork among the shlichim in each delegation.

The bachurim are actively participating in the training. For example, many of them are assigned to give a Dvar

Torah within the schedule. In addition, the various delegations are responsible for activities during the training, such as Kabbalat Shabbat or additional content for Shabbat meals. At the same time, special units were held for the young shlichim – the children of the Rashei Kollel and Avreichim. They also got to participate in a summer camp organized for them by Torah Mitzion.

training the next shaliach 2020
training the next shaliach 2020
training the next shaliach 2020

We capped off the seminar with the traditional farewell ceremony, hosted, once again by the Lev Academic Center in Jerusalem.

From the article in “Arutz 7”:

“At the Lev Academic Center this week, the Torah MiTzion blessing ceremony was held there and welcomed over 50 new emissaries and their families.

The shlichim are currently embarking on missions in Jewish communities around the world, including a new center in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, Mexico City, Chicago, Sydney, Buenos Aires and more.

The ceremony took place at the end of another week of training and after a long training period where they separated from the emissaries and congratulated them for the task of the complex and important mission in the Diaspora”.

Group photo