This year, like every year, Torah MiTzion held it’s annual fundraising campaign, Zman Matan Torah MiTzion. However, unlike every other year, given the current situation, it was done differently – without fanfare and balloons, without dozens of alumni and friends piling into the office and greeting each other warmly. 
It may have included less people, but if you ask me – it was much more significant. We planned for it as well as we possibly could, despite the distancing and objective difficulties. We reached out to our alumni and partners to help make phone calls (most from home, a few in the office). We meticulously organized a schedule of who would sit where and for how long and bought cleaning supplies for each station. This year, given the added stress, worldwide financial insecurity and fear of the unknown, we weren’t sure if people would be willing to open their wallets and donate towards the cause. 
Boy were we wrong.

Even through all of the craziness, you showed up for us. You opened your hearts and supported us in this time of need. As I marked down each donation, I couldn’t help but notice how many people felt compelled to even give just 10 shekel. I honestly wondered how each individual was doing during this difficult time. even though I am just a Bat Sherut and therefore my time at Torah MiTzion will be coming to a close in just a matter of months, I couldn’t help but be amazed and feel the love each and every time, in the phone calls and the heartwarming dedications.

I couldn’t help but think about all of the people all over the world that will benefit from this. Those who will be saved from assimilation, or decide to make Aliyah or strengthen their connection to Israel and Judaism, all because of you.

During times like these, many people tend to say that we need more love in the world and I believe that every person who is being influenced by our Shlichim all over the world is feeling the love that you have expressed.

We feel incredibly grateful for every single Shekel, Dollar and Euro we received from our supporters all over the world. 

Thank You!

Zman matan torah mitzion
Zman Matan Torah Mitzion
Zman Matan Torah Mitzion
Zman Matan Torah Mitzion
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