Between Yom Yerushalayim and Shavuot we held our first ever crowd sourcing fundraising campaign, under the slogan ‘Zman Matan Torah MiTzion‘. Baruch Hashem, after 20 years of activity, it was heartwarming to see just how many people recognize and appreciate the impact we’ve made over the years

100 volunteers; alumni, olim, parents and friends came to call the 7000 contacts who know Torah MiTzion. After 30 hours of hard work we collected 1444 donations, and exceeded our target, reaching 2,204,820 ILS!

We were moved to receive donations from former and current shlichim, parents, many many olim, community members who understand the revolution Torah MiTzion created in their shuls and schools and many others. We were honored by words of support from community rabbis, teachers, chavrutot, chanichim and students, all of whom showed Hakarat Hatov to the movement and the shlichim.

Thanks to the involvement of so many partners and friends, thanks to the many supporters throughout the world and of course thanks to the 1200 shlichim who for 20 years left a deep and significant mark of Diaspora Jewry, we achieved our goal!

We hope this campaign will allow us to continue to expand our activity to even more Jews and communities. We will continue to teach Torah, strengthen Jewish identity, bolster connections to Israel and encourage Aliyah!

Toda Rabba!